What we do?

Providing safe, affordable, reliable and inclusive public commute


We reserve your seat immediately you confirm your travel time and route.

Social Distance

We strictly operate at 60% Capacity as per MOH regulations


Our Buses shall be fumigated before and after every ride


We align our travel routes and times in relation to the work shifts


Our core features

Swivel Seats

Swivel seats enable easy access by turning up to 90 degrees outside the vehicle, lowering, and some even transferring from the vehicle entirely With this, A person with limited motilities can easily board and alight from the vehicles.

Wheel Chair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane that permits wheelchair users, to more easily access a vehicle. Wheelchair ramps come in a number of different styles and configurations. They can either be mounted in the vehicle's door, quick and easy to deploy, or portable, ready for use when needed but not limited to just getting in and out of the vehicle


The app allows you to book your ride immediately or schedule a ride for a later date or time. This gives you the ability to plan your journey.


Our drivers, double up as caregivers from the time the client boards the vehicle to when the client alights. They also walk the clients in to the destination to the next caregiver or to the point where the client feels safe.


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What our clients say
about us

Rafikiz United

Rafikiz United is an initiative by Ace Mobility to provide Sanitized Mobility Support to critical Health Workers who are currently using Public Transport to travel to and from work We offer them comfortable, reliable and hasle free mobility hence increasing their work efficiency. .